Out in the Cold: Comprehensive Sex Education Advocacy in Louisiana


  • Kelsey Williams Tulane University


The Louisiana Adolescent Reproductive Health Coalition (LARHC) was formed in 2015 with the goal of advocating for legislation that would require comprehensive sex education throughout the state. Louisiana has some of the highest rates of STIs and teen pregnancy in the nation and members of LARHC believe improved sex education could help alleviate this problem. However, despite their convictions and hard work, members of LARHC, including Kendra LeSar and Julie Schwam Harris, have been unable to sway the legislature to pass any bills in support of comprehensive sex education. This case explores the history of sex education in America and Louisiana, the formation of LARHC, the opposition they face, and the strategies they have used to try to pass legislation over the past several years. The ultimate question remains, what strategies should comprehensive sex education advocates use to have the best chance at passing a bill in the upcoming legislative session? Additionally, more generally, what strategies are available to small movements in politically hostile environments?


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