Tulane University Journal Publishing is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing service that provides a web-based platform for scholarly and academic publishing for the Tulane community. Benefits of publishing a new academic journal or transitioning an existing print or online journal include:

  • No cost hosting
  • No cost archival storage
  • Authors retain full copyright of their work
  • Training and consultation services
  • Non-Tulane journals may publish as long as there is a Tulane representative on the journal's board.

How To Publish

Tulane University Journal Publishing Open Access Policy

Publisher Responsibilities
Tulane University Journal Publishing (TUJP) offers a publishing platform as well as consultation services for eJournals. Each journal published by TUJP is managed independently, with separate publishing policies and criteria determined by each journal’s editorial board. Tulane University Journal Publishing only requires that every journal follow the appropriate peer review standards for the discipline and type of journal to be published, that at least one member of the journal’s editorial board be affiliated with Tulane University, and that the journal be published in agreement with this open access policy.

Copyright and Author Rights
Under this policy, authors retain full copyright ownership of their works while granting TUJP permission to make their articles freely available in an open access platform.

To assist TUJP in preserving and disseminating scholarly articles, authors grant the university non-exclusive permission to archive, preserve, reproduce and openly disseminate, in any medium, all scholarly works authored by them, provided that the articles are properly attributed to the authors, and that it is done for non-commercial purposes. Authors maintain full control of their intellectual property and copyright.

Use and Access
The works submitted by authors to journals hosted by Tulane University Journal Publishing are licensed under this Creative Commons license: 

Creative Commons License
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) contact: dmca@tulane.edu