Founding the United Way Women’s Leadership Council of Southeast Louisiana: From the Women’s Funding Movement to the United Way Today


  • Tanya Chen Tulane University


The establishment of Women’s Leadership Councils within the United Way of America and the subsequent development of the United Way Women’s Leadership Council of Southeast Louisiana (UWSELA WLC) responded to the Women’s Funding Movement and the increased involvement of women in professional philanthropy work. The community of women in philanthropy continues to grow and remains connected as it moves forward in further promoting women in professional charity and philanthropy work. The United Way of Southeast Louisiana develops its projects and goals to address local and community issues while adhering to the United Way’s philanthropic Common Good goals. This case study explores the history, founding, motives, and practice of the UWSELA WLC as well as the process of selecting which issues to direct focus and resources toward.


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Author Biography

  • Tanya Chen, Tulane University
    Doctoral Candidate City, Culture, and Community Tulane University