Status of the Foraminiferal subgenus Microfasciolites Gaemers, 1978


  • D. Haman


Gaemers (1978) systematically evaluated alveolinid specimens obtained from the Ager Formation, Tremp Basin, Spain, and established the new subgenus Microfasciolites with Alveolina boscii (Defrance in Bronn, 1825) as type species. The same species had, however, been earlier selected by Defrance in Bronn (1825) as type species of the genus Oryzaria (as 0. boscii), which was established for specimens obtained from a fossil calcareous sand in the Oise Valley, France. Loeblich and Tappan (1964) regarded Oryzaria Defrance in Bronn, 1825, as a junior subjective synonym of Fasciolites Parkinson, 1811. However, the species Oryzaria boscii Defrance in Bronn, 1825, must be retained in the genus Oryzaria Defrance in Bronn (ICZN Art. 67e) and the subgenus Fasciolites (Microfasciolites) Gaemers recognized as a junior objective synonym of Oryzaria Defrance in Bronn (ICZN Art. 61b). I acknowledge S. Kirsch for technical assistance and Chevron Oil Field Research Company for publication permission.

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D. Haman

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