Buliminella Morgani Andersen, 1961 and Buliminella Mississippensis Seiglie, 1969 - A Critical Appraisal


  • Drew Haman


Phleger and Parker (1951) described a small buliminellid from Station 212 (Atlantis cruise, 1947), located at Lat. 27°50.5'N., Long. 96°19' W., in the Northwest Gulf of Mexico at a depth of 50 m.  These authors compared and related this modern form to Buliminella bassendorfensis Cushman and Parker, 1937, which had been described from the Oregon Oligocene.  This assignment was accepted by Gulf Coast micropaleontologists for a number of years (e.g., Lankford, 1959).  Buliminella cf. bassendorfensis (sensu Phleger and Parker, 1951) was placed in the synonomy of a new species Buliminella morgani by Andersen, who provided a definitive description and illustration of the new taxon (1961, p. 87, pl. 19, fig. 10).  The types for this species were obtained from Mudlumps SP-1 and SP-3 at the mouth of Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River delta.  This species name has been, and is presently, accepted by workers in this region (e.g., Poag, 1981;   Finger, 1982).  It is further cited in the massive data compilation presented by Culver and Buzas (1981).


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