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Second Line - An Undergraduate Journal of Literary Conversation

Second Line is a peer-edited journal at Tulane University committed to the publication of original and intellectual undergraduate scholarship that engages in the various aspects of literary conversation.

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In This Moment: Embracing the Individual Perception of Violence and Sexuality in Kathryn Bigelow’s Strange Days
Joshua Bia
The Bomb: from Terror to Cynicism
Andrew Duke
Bhimayana: Thirst for Khulla
Meghan Maier
The Wife of Bath: Chaucer’s Authorial Control over Alisoun
Meaghan McCarron
Indeterminate Mantras: Finding Autonomy in Slaughterhouse-Five and A Clockwork Orange
Lauren Menking
Fight, Flight, or Laugh: A Comprehensive Theory of Comprehensive Theories of Humor
Alec Simone

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