Notes on the Fauna of the Chipola Formation-XXXII A New Species of the Genus Cymatium (Mollusca: Gastropoda)


  • Gary W. Schmelz


While collecting fossil mollusks along Tenmile and Farley Creeks in Calhoun County, Florida, this investigator discovered a number of specimens of a new species of Cymatium. This species and many other unusual forms were concentrated in a highly fossiliferous layer of reddish brown earth that directly overlies a more compact deposit of gray siliceous sediment. A total of four nearly complete specimens of the Cymatium were obtained from the south side of Tenmile Creek at Tulane collection site 951 (TU 951). Two additional specimens were collected on the north side of Tenmile Creek at the power line near TU 1098. One of these specimens is complete and the second consists of a large fragment of the body whorl. Another large fragment of the body whorl of this species was collected from the south side of Farley Creek at TU 819. This fragment measures 40 mm from the end of the siphonal canal to the shoulder of the body whorl and is larger than any of the other specimens. An additional example of this species was also collected by Emily Vokes, on Tenmile Creek at TU 546.


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Author Biography

  • Gary W. Schmelz
    Naples, Florida