Olivinae (Mollusca:Gastropoda) From the Alum Bluff Group of Northwestern Florida


  • Paul K. Drez


The subfamily Olivinae encompasses six species and one subspecies in the Alum Bluff Group (lower to middle Miocene) of northwestern Florida. Of these, three species and one subspecies previously described are reviewed. The subspecies is raised to specific rank, and two of the three species receive a new subgeneric or generic assignment. Two new species are described: Oliva blowi, from the Chipola and Oak Grove faunas, and Oliva vokesorum, from the Chipola only. A new subspecies, Oliva waltaniana calhounensis, is named from the Chipola and Oak Grove units. Thus, there is a total of five species of Oliva in the Chipola Formation, four of which also occur in the Oak Grove Sand. One species of Oliva is confined to the Shoal River Formation, and one specimen of a second species has been collected there. The genus Jaspidella is limited to a single species in the Chipola Formation.