Notes on Chicoreus (Mollusca: Gastropoda) From the Cenozoic of the Western Atlantic Region, with the Description of New Species


  • Emily H. Vokes


Three new species of fossil Chicoreus and two new Recent species are described from the western Atlantic region. The fossil species are: C. elusivus, from the late lower Miocene Chipola Formation of northwestern Florida; C. xestos, from the middle Pliocene Pinecrest beds of southwestern Florida; and C. prolixus from the Pleistocene Mom Formation of Costa Rica. The Recent species are C. mergus and C. bullisi. In addition, a form that occurs in the Recent fauna of the Gulf of Mexico, here identified as C. dilectus variety, becomes the first record of the genus in the early Pliocene Agueguexquite Formation of Veracruz, Mexico. The earliest occurrence of C. brevifrons is noted in the middle Miocene (?) Encanto Formation of Mexico. Chicoreus argo is shown to be a synonym of C. spectrum, a Caribbean Recent species.