Notes on the Fauna of the Chipola Formation- XIII the Family Limidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia)


  • Harold E. Vokes


In 1898 Dall described Lima (Lima) tampaensis from the "Chipolan Oligocene, near Bartow, and on the shores of Hillsborough Bay, near Tampa, Florida" (1898. p. 766, pl. 35, fig. 18). Subsequently in the same work he failed to include the species in his faunal lists from the Tampa region but did, apparently inadvertently, list it (1 903, p. 1578) as an element in the fauna of "The Chipola Beds" with the prefix "C," which was said to include species from the "Chipola River at Ten-Mile Creek, and upper bed at McClellan's farm." Schuchert and Dall (1905, p. 354) give the type locality for the species as being "Hillsborough Bay, near Tampa, Florida." This erroneous record is the only prior indication of the occurrence of any limid species in the Chipola fauna. In fact, Gardner's report of "imperfect and ... immature" individuals from the Oak Grove Sand, which she somewhat uncertainly identified (1926, p. 53) as Lima (Mantellum) carolinensis Dall, constitutes the only prior record of any species of the family Limidae within the fauna of the entire Alum Bluff Group.


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