Chicoreus (Siratus) Caroica, New Name for Murex Calcar Kiener


  • Emily H. Vokes


There is an elegant species of Siratus found in the western Atlantic off the coast of Brazil which, although closely related to Chicoreus (Siratus) senegalensis (Gmelin), is a valid species. It is a lighter, higher spired, more spinose shell than C. sene galensis and it also attains a larger size. One specimen in the writer's collection is over 95 mm in height, whereas the largest specimen seen of C. senegalensis is 65 mm. This species was named Murex calcar by Kiener (1843) but that name is twice preoccupied, by J. de C. Sowerby (1823) and by Scacchi (1835). Because the form is found near the city of Rio de Janiero it is here renamed Chicoreus (Siratus) carioca, the name for the inhabitants of that fair city. Murex calcar was described by Kiener without an indication of locality but recently commercial collectors have taken the shell in quantity off the northeastern coast of Brazil. As no type locality has ever been selected, Ilha Grande, State of Rio de Janiero, Brazil, the locality of the specimen here figured is designated as the type locality.


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