Taxonomic Revision of Certain Discorbacea and Orbitoidacea (Foraminiferida)


  • Robert Douglas
  • William V. Sliter


Taxonomic rev ision of genera of rwo superfornilies of Foram iniferida, tht Discorbacea and Orbiroi<lacea, is presemed. The classificarion adoprtd in this paper is based on wall srrucrures, life cycles, and morphology of rhe resc. Descriptions are based on type macerial or living specimens grown under laborarory omdirions. Discorbis vesicularis Lamarck is shown to be monolamellar.  The genus Rotorbinella Bandy is reinstated and placed in the Discorbinae and includes Gavelinopsis Hofker, and Biapertorbis Pokorny as synonyms.  Rotorbinella campanulata (Galloway and Wissler) includes the following as specific synonyms:  Globorotalia campanulata Galloway and Wissler, Rotalia turbinate Cushman and Valentine, R. vesiformis Bandy, R. spp. Walton, R. avalonensis Natland, and Rosalina campanulata Uchio.  Trochulina d’Orbigny is bilamellar, removed from Discorbinae and reinstated in the family Eponididae, superfamily Orbitoidacea.  Tretomphalus Mobius is a junior synonym of the Rosalina d’Orbigny.  R. globularis d’Orbigny is a bilamellar and placed in the family Rosalinidae, of the Orbitoidacea.  Synonyms of the R. globularis include:  Discorbis columbiensis Cushman, D. monicana Zalesny, Tretomphalus myersi Cushma, T. bulloides (d’Orbigny), Rosalina bulloides d’Orbigny, and Discorbis isabelleana (d’Orbigny) (?) Cushman and Valentine.  Rosalina mira are regarded as distinct species. Discorbis floridana Cushman is considered to be a glabratellid.


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