Cenozoic Muricidae Of The Western Atlantic Region Part IX-Pterynotus, Poirieria, Aspella, Dermomurex, Calotrophon, Acantholabia, And Attiliosa; Additions And Corrections


  • Emily H. Vokes


A total of 124 names have been applied to western Atlantic species referred herein to the muricid genera Pterynotus, Poirieria, Aspella, Dermomurex, Calotrophon, Acantholabia and Attiliusa. Of these, 97 are valid and are treated systematically; an additional two are cited as "species.'' These include the following numbers of taxa: Pterynotus - 24; Poirieria - 35; Aspella - 4; Dermomurex - 25; Calotrophon - 6; Acantholabia - 2; Attiliosa - 3. There are 43 species in the Recent fauna, but only 29 are confined to the Recent, the remainder are both living and fossil. Of the 97 valid taxa, 12 are new species and are named herein. These are: Pterynotus (Pterynotus) praepatagiatus, from the Chipola Formation; Poirieria (Panamurex) gibsonsmithi, from the Cantaure Formation and Poirieria (Panamurex) improcerus, from the Cantaure and Caujarao formations; Poirieria (Panamurex) rutschi, from the Punta Gavilan Formation; Dermomurex (Dermomurex) sarkini, from the Moin Formation; Dermomurex (Takia) portelli, from the Suwannee Limestone and River Bend Formation; Calotrophon venezuelanus, from the Mare Formation; Poirieria (Paziella) petuchi, Poirieria (Panarnurex) eugeniae, Dermomurex (Dermornurex) wordsfoldi, Dermomurex (Dermomurex) sarasuae and Dermomurex (Dermomurex) binghamae, all from the Recent.


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