Globalization and harmonization: felling of walls between systems of law


  • Adriana Pereira Campos


This paper goals the introduction of dossier “Constitutionalism and sovereignty: justice and juges in liberal political culture”. Constitutionalism, since the nineteenth century, began to guide the politicians’ behavior in Brazilian western society. In this issue of Dimensões, we open the debate on the distinct concepts of sovereignty, be that of a national or popular nature, implicit in the liberal doctrine. In the same vein, we intend to look at the building of citizenship from the standpoint of the transformations brought about by both the State and the social movements. The aim is to contemplate the dilemmas surrounding political action, as well as the role of the Judiciary and its officials in the consolidation of constitutionalism as the leading aspect of the western political culture.


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Constitutionalism and sovereignty: justice and juges in liberal political culture